Located in Portland, OR we are a small manufacturer looking to help small and large businesses alike. We believe in supporting local businesses as much as possible so we source the majority of our raw materials and custom part machining from local businesses. 



Efficient problem solving is the key to processing. Every step in any process is a solution to a problem and if you have the right information and enough creativity, any problem can be solved. Our goal at Reefined Processing is to combine our passion for creative problem solving with your goals for your business to create a processing environment custom designed for your needs. Our knowledge of materials, mechanics, and manufacturing processes allows us to bring new ideas to help you simplify and streamline your processing.

We truly believe that the best ideas come from collaboration, and that the best collaboration comes from a place of positivity and sense of community. We're excited to start a dialogue with you, learn about your company, and help you establish yourself as a thriving, processing powerhouse.